How it works?

The principle of operation of furnaces rocket



* Can be with pellet feeder

The main element of each furnace rocket is BURNER, whose main task is to raise the exhaust gas temperature, it also generates its own string, which is why the appropriate weather conditions in the furnace rocket may well burn at all without a chimney.

The heated exhaust dopalają ~ to four times more efficient than standard ovens, fireplaces.
With a much better combustion gases and how the heat distribution within the furnace missile, with a small amount of wood we get temperature + 100 ° C for czapie, shortly after the start of the rocket stove.

The materials from which we make our stoves

  • Structural steel 3-10mm, stainless steel
  • Insulator: perlite 90%, rockwool 10%
  • heat-resistant paint up to 750°C
  • Heat-resistant paste, up to 1500°C
  • Heat-resistant glass up to 800°C
  • Fireclay`s

Bottoms ovens are insulated for safety.


The best fuel is dry wood of each species, perfectly burn the pellets after install proper basket in burn chamber. It is important that the wood is dry, damp wood reduces the effect of combustion gas timber.


Fire up

The fastest way is just use propane torch.


Advantages rocket stoves

  • Much less demand for fuel (roughly four times compared to the standard "stoves")
  • Increased use of gas heat - does not heat up the chimney (flue pipe is much colder) in our furnaces difference in temperature in the combustion chamber in relation to the exhaust pipe behind the stove is at least ten times +.
  • Rocket sound;)
  • The chimney does not have to be isolated

Disadvantages rocket stoves

  • They require frequent user interaction with refuel wood 30-90 min time wood combustion chamber, unless we are properly prepared wood long.
  • The wood must / should be dry
  • Rocket sound ;)


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