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In subpage "our stoves" we have added some new actual photos of LIFT rocket stove and pellet feeder


We invite you to a presentation on youtube - rocket stove LIFT PELLET FEEDER

Soon we gonna add pellet feeder to "our stoves" page


Change of technological process - rocket stove LIFT V2


Since September 2016 the components of the furnace rocket LIFT v2 are cut by laser.
All elements including even radiators. After the August increase in steel prices, we decided to take such a step here is manufacturing, streamlining even the appearance of the stove. Front and sides of the furnace remain unchanged, that is still made using CNC bending machine from one piece of sheet metal.


We invite you to a presentation on youtube - rocket stove LIFT V2

Andrzej V2 - update


We are currently in the phase of completion of the first series of ready-made rocket stoves Andrzej V2 mostly welded with ready pre manufacturers. More details about the structure in tab
Our Stoves, If you have questions please contact us by phone or e-mail on page Contakt. Soon there will also be slightly modified version of Andrew V2, the difference will be only the visual along with cooking, but the cost of materials version of the facelift is much higher, but still we do version of the standard cylinder.


We invite you to a presentation on youtube

Here it is! ;) ANDRZEJ V2 rocket stove heater

The newest generation of rocket stove with maximum use of the dual combustion energy. The last few days we spent testing different paints in the end we will be using US heat-resistant paint (resistance up to 750 ° C) applied by spraying gun. Charcoal, soon put a series of videos on youtube about the new design.

End of tests!

We have completed tests, we are now at the stage of finishing. We reduced even a little bit of adjustment primary air intake to slightly lower the temperature on the stove for safety. The first image picture in a very rough ;)

Rocket stove ANDRZEJ while painting



The new design of the construction of furnaces - Sensational RESULTS

We are the first tests of the furnace rocket based on a completely new design inside - HOW ON GIVING WITH ANYTHING! :)

Modifications took virtually the entire furnace, here are the most important:

  •     New combustion chamber inside completely isolated from chamot
  •     The interior of the combustion chamber with the antechamber is zmodyfikowny batchbox
  •     Peter Van Der Berg and chambers wood gasification furnace CO to the fittest.
  •     Convector heat inside the oven built on a section bar gives an incredible circulation - so good that sausage We baked it in a few minutes :)
  •     The secondary air intake is also hidden, but this time it is a double bed hidden under chamotte chamber, each of these troughs have ramification for the burner to create its quad VORTEX!.
  •     The new structure of the burner is insulated by other means and has a different shape! This is a major change whereby heat recovery is so visible.

The first measurement and the results used to modify:

  • Even greater savings due to better recovery of wood heat - the temperature does not exceed 70 ° C at a height about 1.5m on output gases.
  • No smoke from the furnace and the chimney just after the start! even in the open  all air.
  • The new structure of the burner is insulated by other means and has a different shape! This is a major change whereby heat recovery is so visible. Moment after starting 3-5 minutes reaches 300 ° C at the top after half an hour reaches, its optimum + 450-500 ° C. The rest of the furnace has a temperature of 200 - 350 ° C
  • Brakl wedging effect to fuel
  • The possibility of smoking much larger pieces of wood - fuel feeder has dimensions: 120mmx150mmx400mm and mainly thanks to szamotowi and specifications hearth furnace burning wet wood without any problem (do not fade to black).
  • The furnace has not lost anything on their mobility
  • and many more, even much longer time to burn without intervention into the furnace.

We are finishing the first phase of the furnace based on our innovations. Remaining few welds because the stove is only "tacked" heat sinks and some finishes.

After graduating with a stove present video on our YouTube channel.


The new design of the burner and the implementation of the modified 'batchbox'

At the beginning of the new year, we want to introduce significant change to our furnaces. Modified burner - otherwise located and isolated by other means (not in terms of material;)). The second change will be fuel feeder, we are in the course of checking a modified version batchbox`a Peter Van Der Berg.


Pellet feeder

We are currently working on a pellet feeder. The first prototypes are very promising. Pellet don`t stick in precipitation gravity and burns very well. However, we focus on what most people ignores - or as little consumption of pellets. We want to make it fully adjustable in each range that is adjustable air intake and adjustable surface on which the pellet burns, we are currently working on it.


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